Podgorica 2016

Podgorica 201

'' Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro. The wider area of Podgorica contains 10.4% of Montenegro teritory and about 30% of its population. Podgorica is the main crossroad in Montenegro, and its near the ski resorts of the north of the country and seaside resort on the Adriatic sea.

Fertile Zeta plain, composition of the Zeta and Ribnica rivers with Moraca river , proximity to the Skadar lake and Adriatic sea , favourable climate, communicative and strategic position , made it possible for Podgorica to grow into the largest urban center of Montenegro. It is not just urban city , but the city that is the administrative , political, economic, scientific , educational and cultural center of Montenegro.

Podgorica is connected by highway long just 54 kolometers that leads to the Montenegrin coast, and 70 kilometers north is the first ski resort. Montenegrin main international airport Golubovci (Podgorica) is 6 kilometers away from the city center , and is associated with airports in country and abroad. Alternative airport is Airport Tivat 70 kilometers from Podgorica.

Podgorica was very successfully organized the final tournament of the World League in 2009 at the open pools that meets the most stringent criteria. Regarding hotel accommodation, Podgorica it has hotels from 3 to 5 stars, which are located near the pool so that the transport its practically necessary.

Therefore we are confident that Podgorica is the ideal host for the 3rd FINA World Men's Youth Water Polo Championships (18&U), because it has all the necessary resources from infrastructure to human, to make championship organize at highest possible level.

With all mentioned , should be noted that Podgorica and Montenegro are big fans of Water Polo and that Water Polo its practically the number one sport in our country so we are convinced the attendance of games would be very high, especially when playes "gold sharks". ''